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OOPS ALL SKULL (Blacked Out Edition)

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By far the most popular crystal amplifier we have ever made is back and better than ever! Oops All Skulls is a funny name for a powerhouse of an energy tool. Created to shield, purify, protect from EMF’s, detach etheric cords, dispel negativity, and assist with healing.

Gemstones Included: 

  • Black Obsidian - Volcanic Quartz natural glass. Absorbs and dispels all negativity picked up by this powerful tool. 

  • Shungite – Helps the wearer detox and heal the body by purifying the waters of the body, absorbs physical and etheric EMF.

  • Mahogany Obsidian – Snaps any unwanted etheric cords, helps one reconnect to reclaim their power.

    Elevate your spiritual journey with the Oops All Skulls (Blacked Out Edition). This isn't just a purchase but an investment in self-growth, wisdom, and elevated consciousness. Embrace this multidimensional masterpiece, and let it guide you toward ascension. The Oops All Skulls awaits. Act NOW and unlock your potential.

    OOPS ALL SKULL (Blacked Out Edition)
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