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Step into the angelic realm of ascension and empowerment. The Seraphim One has been in the process of creation for well over a decade. Handmade Alchemical Gold alloy skulls have powerful ascension sigils on the back of them and precious gemstones and crystals inside of them to form this powerful Crystal Current energy tool which was designed to assist the wearer to get to brand new heights on their ascension and awakening journey. One of the sigils on the back of some of the skulls has been lost to history and was unearthed to be returned to humanity. It is known as the Sandalphon's Cube and he is the brother to Archangel Metatron. 

This isn't just jewelry; it's a transformative energy tool. It is constructed with our most durable steel wire, titanium clasp, and advanced anodized magnet Crystal Current technology.

Witness the unique harmony of selected gemstones:

  1. Alchemical Gold: This alloy is one of our greatest achievements. Opens and aligns all of the Chakra. Increases luck and vitality. Grounds excess energy which would normally be lost while increasing abundance. Psychic awakening and assistance with alignment with life purpose.
  2. Shungite: Purifies water, absorbs harmful electromagnetic energy, helps the wearer detox and purify the body to enhance third eye vision.
  3. Sunstone: Holds the power of the Sun. Said to enhance personal power and success. Increases vitality while dissolving fears. Inspires good nature and an amplified enjoyment of life.
  4. Angel Aura Tigers Eye: Activates the upper chakra from eight and up while grounding the energy through the root and feet. Connects the wearer to the angelic realm and enhances connection to one's med team, guides, and guardian angels.
  5. Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is yet another gemstone material said to deal with harmful electromagnetic energy. It has long been a favorite in spiritual communities all over the world for grounding and protection. Excels at shielding the etheric body.
  6. Bronzite: Any negativity sent to the wearer has all negative energies reflected back to sender. Believed to be protecting and to dispel negative energies. Strengthens all of the chakras while increasing bravery.
  7. Hematite: Calms the mind and dispels negative energy. Clears energetic blockages in the blood from family karma. Boosts strength, self esteem, and willpower. Shields the body multidimensionally when placed in an electromagnetic field with Angel Aura Tigers Eye.

Elevate your spiritual journey with The Seraphim One. This isn't just a purchase but an investment in self-growth, wisdom, and elevated consciousness. Embrace this multidimensional masterpiece, and let it guide you toward ascension. The Seraphim One awaits. Act NOW and unlock your potential.

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