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Warrior 1.0 - Gemstone - Bracelet

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Unleash your inner power with "The Warrior," our seminal Crystal Current bracelet. A testament to strength, resilience, and protection, it is your physical and metaphysical fortress, an embodiment of the Warrior within.

Created to guard and amplify your physical prowess during activities, The Warrior has been a beacon of miracles. Users worldwide report remarkable increases in physical strength and body recovery - no matter their energy attunement!

The Warrior isn't gendered – it serves as an amplifier for the masculine's physical strength and a manifestation of the inner masculine strength for the feminine. It represents the "Father" frequency – a constant, loving protector of our essence.

A scientific marvel with a touch of magic, The Warrior harmoniously blends Pyrite (Sulphur), Calcite (Saltpeter), and Shungite (Charcoal). This potent mix supercharges your Warrior bracelet, creating an explosive force of protection and strength!

Here's a peek into the protective power of the gems used:

  • Bronzite repels negativity, returning it to the source for transmutation and healing.
  • Pyrite: It unites surrounding gems, enhancing their power and EMF protection. Connected to the Solar Plexus, it multiplies your awareness of personal power.
  • Shungite: An EMF shield that also transmutes energetic impurities. It purifies your inner waters, grounding you in your truth.
  • Aragonite: This gem enhances physical strength, fostering patience, reliability, and devotion. Connected to the Solar Plexus, it emanates a nurturing energy of stability.
  • Citrine: Amplifying and stabilizing electrical current, Citrine links us to our abundant nature and amplifies positivity in our field.
  • Jet: Formed from compacted wood, Jet impacts the root chakra, grounding us in Gaia's truth. It helps disrupt artificial thought patterns, programming, and emotional loops, connecting us to our true vision and highest potentiality.

The Warrior bracelet is not just an accessory; it symbolizes inner strength and a shield against negativity. Wearing The Warrior is an affirmation of your power and resilience. Empower your journey with this potent energy tool. Act NOW and let The Warrior guide you towards the best version of yourself!

Warrior 1.0 - Gemstone - Bracelet
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