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How do I choose my crystal?

How do I choose my crystal?


Choosing your Crystals for Crystal Healing

There are no rules to follow when selecting crystals, the stone that you choose (or the stone that chooses you) could be tumbled, cut and polished, clear or coloured. Your instinct will guide you to the stone that will help you the most. Always follow your intuition, if you trust in your feelings, you can be sure that the crystal that you are drawn to is the right one for you at this time in your life. Other people may offer their opinion about a particular stone, which you may not agree with, you must trust your own feelings and follow your instinct.

If a crystal is meant for you, you will feel an instant attraction to that stone, it can be likened to meeting a stranger for the first time and having an instant attraction or uncomfortable feeling about them. You may not be able to explain why in rational or logical terms, but simply sense inside whether or not you are on the same wavelength. It’s exactly the same with stones. All crystals vibrate on a particular frequency, just as human being do, and the crystals that appeal to you the most will be those that vibrate on a similar frequency to your own and that are the most beneficial to you at this particular stage in your progression.

‘Finding’ crystals should be a joyous experience, whether you buy them from a holistic fayre, find them on a beach or you receive them as a gift.

Do not assume that the crystals that ‘find’ you today are going to stay always with you or be the most effective ones for you! Crystals sometimes need to move on. If you feel an overpowering urge to pass a crystal to a friend, follow your instinct in the knowledge that that the crystal has completed its work with you, and let it go willingly and with love. A new crystal will very quickly ‘find’ you! Do not become too attached to a particular stone because suddenly losing a crystal is a very common experience. If it happens to you, do not become too distressed: it is an indication that the crystal has served its purpose and that it is time for you both to move on.

If crystal is attuned to your vibration, it will communicate with you. You may experience all sorts of inexplicable sensations while choosing a crystal, including the following:

  • Heat emanating from the crystal.
  • A sudden burst of energy that may feel like an electric charge.
  • Tingling in your fingers.
  • A pulsing or vibration.
  • An inner knowledge.
  • A feeling of balance and wholeness.
  • A wave of heat permeating your body.
  • Warmth in your heart.
  • An overwhelming sensation of love.
  • Colours surrounding the crystal.
  • Cold energy.
  • A flash of light from the crystal.
  • A moistness in your hands.
  • The crystal apparently ‘jumping out' at you and falling at your feet.
  • A sudden rush of excitement.
  • A protective feeling
  • Shivers down your spine.
  • A light-headed sensation.
  • A sound in your ears.
  • Changes in your breathing.
  • The knowledge you just have to do it!
  • It just puts a smile on your face!

Method of choosing crystals

Although individual methods of choosing crystals vary from person to person, you may find the following useful.

Choosing with your eyes
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind.
Now open your eyes very quickly and pick up the first crystal that catches your eye.
Your choice of crystal will not necessarily be the most beautiful, the biggest or the most expensive stone. The one that attracts your attention will be in attunement with you.

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