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Elevating Quantum Therapy to New Heights

iTORUS by iPyramids

The iTorus stands as the pinnacle of advanced Pulsed Tachyon BioRejuvenation® vortex coil technology. Drawing inspiration from Tesla’s Bifilar coil which NASA utilizes for subsonic PEMF therapy to rejuvenate astronauts after space missions, it produces a potent square-wave centripetal field.

Why iTorus is Different?

Setting the iTorus apart is its unmatched ability to amplify these signals exponentially. Harnessing the power of Superlooping Bidirectional Tensor technology, the signals are intensified millionfold as they crisscross the torus in a unique braided pattern.

For Science Enthusiasts

The iTorus device synchronizes counter-rotating electrons to create symmetric vortex pairs, leading to an energetic state termed the singularity. Within this field, cells achieve the Triplet Spin State, producing Tachyons that travel faster than light. This interaction rejuvenates cells, stimulates stem cell production, and returns them to a pre-aging state.

Compared to traditional PEMF technology, iTorus penetrates beyond the surface, reaching deep into bone marrow to realign and revitalize stem cells. As demonstrated by iPyramids' founder, it even guides DNA to regenerate bones post-injury. Simply put, iTorus represents the future of human BioRegenesis.

User Testimonials

"Before using the iPyramids, I struggled with chronic fatigue and stress. The Solfeggio frequencies were a game-changer for me. Within weeks, I felt more energized, balanced, and mentally clear. It's now an integral part of my daily routine."

Sarah T / New York, USA

"I was skeptical at first, but the Planetary Energetics truly resonated with me. I've always been intrigued by the cosmos, and this app helped me feel more aligned and in tune with the universe. My sleep quality has improved, and I wake up feeling refreshed and connected."

Rajesh K. / London, England

"The Brainwave sessions are phenomenal! As a student, I often found it hard to concentrate on my studies. But with the app's targeted frequencies, my focus has sharpened, and my academic performance has significantly improved. Highly recommended!"

Elena M / Sydney, Australia

"I've tried various meditation techniques over the years, but nothing compares to the Binaural Beats on the iTORUS Mobile App. It's like an instant gateway to deep meditation. My anxiety levels have dropped, and I've never felt more at peace with myself."

Liam P. / Toronto, Canada

NASA's Choice?

PEMF therapy devices boast a history of decades-long use across various fields — from medical practitioners and home applications to the space shuttle program led by NASA, which pioneered research into their benefits. Both animals and humans have exhibited positive outcomes. The National Institutes of Health have prioritized PEMF research, and the FDA has already given its nod to several PEMF devices for purposes ranging from mending broken bones and aiding wound healing to alleviating pain, reducing tissue swelling, and addressing depression.

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PEMF Therapy: A Brief Overview

Over six decades of clinical success

PEMF therapy alleviates pain using targeted electromagnetic pulses, facilitating rapid cellular healing. FDA-approved since 1979 for nonunion fracture healing, its inception was influenced by a NASA-backed Columbia University study. Its efficacy, evidenced in numerous trials by esteemed institutions, spans a myriad of conditions.

The iTorus: A Revolution in BioRejuvenation®

The iTorus stands apart in the wellness realm, amplifying the principles of PEMF therapy by creating a BioRejuvenation® field. This transformational device fosters an environment of calm and heightened awareness, making any space a sanctuary of well-being.

Available in two formats to suit modern lifestyles: a stylish necklace, providing continuous biorejuvenation and protection against electromagnetic disruptions like 5G, and a pocket-sized version, ensuring portable holistic health on the go.

In essence, the iTorus offers balanced and conscious living in our tech-centric world.


Highlighting the potential of this cutting-edge technology, Dr. Oz recently emphasized on his show how PEMFs can effectively alleviate pain, inflammation, and stress-related effects on the body. He also mentioned its ability to enhance energy, circulation, oxygenation of blood and tissue, and sleep quality. Additionally, PEMFs play a role in improving nutrient uptake, detoxifying cells, regenerating cells, and balancing the immune system. Dr. Oz further noted its potential in promoting RNA and DNA stimulation, expediting bone and soft tissue repair, and relaxing muscles.

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PEMF: The Celebrities' Secret to Peak Wellness

Ever wondered about the secret to some celebrities' radiant health? It's PEMF therapy! This Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is the wellness tool of choice for stars like motivational guru Tony Robbins, sports legends Terrell Owens, and Shaquille O'Neal.

PEMF therapy offers the body a deep, internal spa treatment. It employs electromagnetic pulses to heal, reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate at a cellular level. It's not just a trend; it's a game-changing approach to optimal health.

Join the league of the stars and supercharge your energy and well-being. Dive into the world of PEMF and illuminate your path to unparalleled vitality!

FDA & PEMF: A Seal of Approval and Research-backed Assurance

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has garnered significant attention in the medical community for its potential therapeutic benefits. Its credibility is further bolstered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval for certain applications. Moreover, extensive research articles and studies related to PEMF can be found on the U.S. government's National Library of Medicine site. For those interested in delving deeper into the scientific aspects and evidence-backed information, visit the provided link to access an array of articles available on the topic.

Scalar Waves: The Future of Holistic Healing

Scalar waves, distinct from the usual electromagnetic waves we are familiar with, are three-dimensional waves that spin on a defined axis. These self-contained, non-linear waves have the unique ability to permeate our body through the intricate collagen network's crystalline lattices.

Key Benefits of Scalar Wave Healing:

  • Cellular Energy Boost: Scalar waves induce elevated energy levels within cells. This energy amplification significantly enhances bodily functions and the effectiveness of the immune system, promoting optimal health.
  • Information Transfer: Scalar waves are known for their potential to carry and transfer information, further aiding in the healing processes.
  • Cellular Memory Reset: Scalar waves can essentially "reset" cells, erasing negative cellular memories by shifting their polarity. This is analogous to demagnetizing a tape and erasing its data.
  • Speed and Persistence: Unlike many other waves, scalar waves boast the ability to travel faster than light. Even more impressive, they maintain their integrity over long distances and don't diminish with time.
  • Embracing the healing potential of scalar waves offers a forward-thinking approach to holistic well-being, grounding its efficacy in the synergy of science and nature.
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