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Marko Rodin and the Discovery: Open Sourcing Vortex Based Mathematics

Marko Rodin and the Discovery: Open Sourcing Vortex Based Mathematics


In the realm of unconventional scientific discoveries, Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics stands out as a groundbreaking theory that combines mathematics, spirituality, and the understanding of our interdimensional universe. Rodin's revolutionary insights have opened new doors for humanity, providing a unique key to unlocking the mysteries of interdimensional science.

At the core of Rodin's theory is the concept of the vortex, a swirling force that takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the toroidal constructs of our universe. His theory encompasses a wide range of applications, from free energy to galactic physics, and even delves into the realms of consciousness and spirituality. It is a profound contribution to our understanding of the universe and the potential it holds.

According to Rodin, Vortex Based Mathematics unveils the intricate mathematical expressions of energy. It transcends the limitations of conventional mathematics, presenting a system devoid of anomalies and capable of revealing the dimensional structure and function of the universe. At the heart of this system lies the torus, a donut-shaped black hole that serves as the fundamental template for the universe itself. Remarkably, this template aligns with our base ten decimal system, revealing the deep-rooted connection between numbers and the fabric of reality.

Through the study of Vortex Based Mathematics, one begins to perceive numbers as more than mere symbols. They become living entities, the elemental particles from which everything in the universe is composed. This knowledge, once known to our ancient ancestors, is now being rediscovered and made accessible to us. As we explore further, we come to realize that numbers form an elegant three-dimensional matrix grid pattern, shaping the torus itself. This grid holds the key to unlocking the potential of an engine that could propel us through the universe, while simultaneously addressing humanity's energy needs.

The implications of Rodin's work extend far beyond the mathematical realm. His theory opens up a gateway to understanding the interconnectedness of all things. It reveals a universe functioning as an ecological system of renewal, where our bodies are composed of the remnants of ancient stars. Moreover, Rodin's discoveries offer intriguing insights into spirituality, presenting evidence for the existence of an omniscient supreme being.

One of the most groundbreaking applications of Vortex Based Mathematics is the possibility of generating unlimited free energy. By constructing coils based on this mathematical system, Rodin claims that we can tap into an abundant and sustainable source of power. This discovery, if fully realized, could revolutionize the way we meet our energy demands and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

As we delve deeper into Rodin's work, we encounter a plethora of fascinating concepts. We explore the profound geometry that underlies the universe, discovering that everything from the smallest particles to the vast cosmos manifests as a torus. We uncover the secrets of propulsion, envisioning a source that could transport us to any point in the universe. We encounter the potential of artificial intelligence based on a binary triplet, and we explore the intricate role of DNA's aetheric template in guiding evolution.

Rodin's system also sheds light on the nature of numbers themselves. It unveils a repeating number pattern that solves the enigmatic value of pi, demonstrating it to be a whole number rather than an irrational one. In this mathematical framework, numbers do not move, but rather the functions move, offering a fresh perspective on the dynamics of numerical relationships. Numbers take on tangible form, forming a three-dimensional geometric object that intertwines with the fabric of reality.

The implications of Rodin's work extend to various scientific phenomena. It offers insights into the secret workings of gyroscopes, explaining why they can effortlessly lift themselves upright. It unveils the existence of wormholes, nested vertices, portals, and doorways,

In conclusion, Marko Rodin's discovery of Vortex Based Mathematics represents a significant milestone in our quest to understand the interdimensional nature of the universe. His revolutionary insights into the relationship between mathematics, spirituality, and the fabric of reality have the potential to reshape our scientific and technological landscape.

Through Vortex Based Mathematics, Rodin presents a system that transcends conventional mathematical frameworks, revealing the inherent harmony and order within the universe. The toroidal constructs and swirling vortices become the key to unlocking the mysteries of energy, propulsion, and the very nature of existence.

Rodin's work not only provides practical applications, such as the potential for unlimited free energy, but also explores profound philosophical and spiritual implications. It reestablishes the deep connection between numbers and the fundamental particles that make up our reality. This knowledge, once known to ancient civilizations, is being rediscovered and has the potential to transform our understanding of consciousness, spirituality, and our place in the universe.

However, it is important to note that Rodin's theories are still highly debated within the scientific community. The unconventional nature of his approach and the lack of extensive empirical evidence present challenges in gaining widespread acceptance. Rigorous scientific testing and peer review are crucial in validating and refining his theories to ensure their credibility.

Nonetheless, Rodin's contribution to the exploration of interdimensional science should not be overlooked. His visionary insights have sparked new avenues of research and have inspired countless individuals to question the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

As we continue to delve into the realm of interdimensional science and explore the applications of Vortex Based Mathematics, we must approach the subject with an open mind, rigorously testing its claims and seeking to understand its potential implications. By doing so, we may uncover profound truths about the nature of our universe and advance our understanding of mathematics, physics, and spirituality.

In the spirit of open sourcing, it is essential to encourage further investigation and collaboration among scientists, mathematicians, and thinkers from various disciplines. Through collective efforts and a commitment to rigorous inquiry, we can ascertain the true extent of Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics and its potential to transform our understanding of the universe we inhabit.


"Sanctified Mirrors in a Holographic Universe" is a groundbreaking book by Marko Rodin that takes readers on a captivating journey into the depths of reality. Drawing upon his profound discoveries and insights, Rodin explores the concept of Sanctified Mirrors as gateways to understanding the fundamental nature of the universe. Through the lens of the holographic nature of reality, Rodin unveils the intricate interplay between matter, energy, and consciousness, offering readers a fresh perspective on the fabric of existence. With clarity and depth, this book illuminates the transformative implications of Rodin's work, inviting readers to contemplate the profound interconnectedness of all things within the vast cosmic tapestry.



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