Frequent Asked Questions


How long does it take to receive my order?

Our current waiting list is about 6 weeks from time of purchase till delivery.

Do you sell just the capstone?

We sell capstones and corner pyramid connectors solo so one can purchase their own poles locally.

What size are the pyramids?

The pyramid kits come with our standard 11’ x 11’ x 7’ size. However they can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your personal space.

What angle do you make your pyramids?

Most of our pyramids are built with the same 51.85 degree slant angles as The Great Pyramid of Giza. We also build Nubian style or 72 degree slant angle pyramids. Equilateral pyramids are available for custom orders as well.

What size pyramid base will fit my bed?

Typically a 10 or 11 ft base pyramid will fit a king size bed, 11ft is optimal. A queen size bed will typically fit into a 9-10 ft base pyramid. A full size bed will typically fit into a 8-9 ft base.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can and have shipped internationally, however it can be expensive to ship the poles so we recommend buying your poles locally. Typically the pyramid starter kits will cost an average of $200 to ship from the USA to Australia.

What kind of resin do you use?

We use the highest quality resin available on the market to date. It’s a zero-VOC epoxy resin made by Ecopoxy. Its safe for the atmosphere of your living space and not as brittle compared to other resins. It cost about twice as much as the usual resins used in orgonite making but we strive to reduce the use of petroleum based products as well as the toxins into the environment.

What are you rodin coils made with and do they have a speaker in them?

The Rodin Coil itself is the speaker. When a magnet is placed in the center, accoustic waves are produced by the vibration of of the magnet. This is caused by the magnetic field generated by the wires.

Its been called a high definition speaker. However the sound quality is not one of its primary functions.

Here is a demonstration of the sound quality on the Accelerator


The coils are wired like a speaker with 8 ohms. Plugs into an amplifier like speaker wires, two channels. Sound/frequencies play counter rotating each to other, creating implosion into the center, which creates a profound bio active field, for rejuvenation, coherence inthe aura, and building up charge.

The black coils are made from a custom crushed blend of shungite, magnetite, black tourmaline, fulgurite, and a full spectrum of chakracolor stones.

The clear coils are the ecopoxy mixed with crushed quartz and selenite

The blue ones are made with the rare 24k gold bonded Aqua Aura Quartz throughout and crushed quartz and selenite at the core.