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iTorus i9 v2, 9.5", Tachyon Vortex PeMF 5.0

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  • Aqua Superluminal
  • Seraphim Shield
  • C60 Shungite Shield
  • Angel Aura
  • Azurite Shield
  • Superluminal Custom
  • Classic Custom
  • Atlantis Stone - Larimar
  • Violet Flame
  • Heart Stone
  • Red Radiance Harmony
  • Moldavite & Angel Aura
  • Turquoise & Sedona Vortex

Aqua Superluminal / Aqua Aura Crystal: Angelic Connection

Crystal Name: Aqua Superluminal / Aqua Aura

Chakra Alignment: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Zodiac Compatibility: Aquarius

Ideal For: Those seeking to channel angelic energies of love and joy, enhance communication and intuition, and deepen their spiritual journey. Particularly resonant with Aquarians.

Key Benefits:

  • Stress Relief: Reduces stress and clears away negative vibes.
  • Communication Boost: Improves self-expression and facilitates clearer communication.
  • Calmness & Meditation: Instills profound tranquility, enhancing meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Spiritual Connection: Strengthens the bond with higher planes, offering intuitive clarity.
  • Angelic Aura: Infuses surroundings with a joyful, light, and loving energy.

Aqua Superluminal / Aqua Aura is a celestial companion for those desiring to elevate their spiritual connection, communication abilities, and overall sense of well-being, enveloping users in an angelic aura of positivity.

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iTorus i9 v2, 9.5", Tachyon Vortex PeMF 5.0