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iPyramids technology works toenable the body’s own natural healing systemsby immersing the body in therapeutic doses ofPulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)flowing as a Torroidal Vortex. This Designer Magnetic Field is rich in Negative Ionsthat help to reproduce and repair body cells. They’re transmitted into the body through the air and are circulated by the blood. Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that, strengthen the well-being, concentration capacity etc, of the human being. Too many positive ions (the result of air pollution) can cause depression, and ultimately, illnesses.

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As stated by Dr. Mehmet Oz on a recently televised production, PEMFs work to: reduce pain and inflammation, the effects of stress on the body, and vascular platelet adhesion. Further stating it can improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels; explaining it works to increase the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells. According to Dr. Oz, it has also been shown to help balance the immune system and stimulate RNA which authors DNA cell commands to accelerate the repair of bone and soft tissue while relaxing the muscles

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The iTorus is a Vortex Coil that generates a large pulsing electromagnetic central pedal field (PEMF). For PEMF therapy, these large fields are quite beneficial for both the mind and the body!

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Power of Pyramid

Chilli Schock | Quantum Biophysics | 8/7/2020

The power that can be harvested from a pyramid is not just a matter of how the surface angles interact with or reflect sun waves. And it isn’t magic either. It has to do with the geometric quantum signature of a square pyramid speaking to the aetheric energy that surrounds all of us at all times. If you ever really wanted to know the (quantum) science behind pyramid energy, now’s your chance to find out.

Geometric patterns are the alphabet letters of the language used by all minerals that determines their atomic number and the number of protons or electrons held within that molecular structure.

Every mineral is made up on a quantum level with a geometric pattern within what is known as itsvalenceandconduction bands. This is the pattern that is repeated across the quantum surface of that thing referred to as itscrystal lattice structure. In describing the elements, science uses geometric spheres, and quantum computers also use geometric shapes as the code by which they speak back and forth with crystals. These are calledQubit Spheres:

The exact placement of data within the Qubit Sphere dictates the geometry of that message to the crystal. The crystal then sees the pattern and responds with the answer (which it can do before the question is actually posed due to the 3 second flashline sequence time delay between what happens and when we actually see or hear it – see Reverse Causality and the Double Slit Experiment for more). Often times this answer is not just limited to this one dimension; but can reference across many dimensions in definitions that defy our 3D understanding as explained in this video by the folks at D-Wave Quantum Computers.

The crystal I refer to that is used at the core of quantum computing is like the one at the core of the computer you’re on now: SiO2 quartz that is well known in quantum mechanics to be sentient and fully aware. Which is why it can respond to their questions or store “memory” at all.

Understand that on a regular computer the data is entered in (say your letters to mom or your spread sheets). The crystal at the core of that processor remembers this precisely. There are no interpretations or deviations from absolutely what you entered -unless it has gotten corrupted somehow- that it then reaches back in and places up on the screen for you or prints out on paper. But in quantum computing the data isn’t necessarily from human input. They are literally asking that crystal for answers to things they just don’t know and that crystal, being omnidimensional, does. The only way you can ask the crystal for the correct answer is to pose it in a way it can hear you. Thus the use of very precise symbols (think Greek letters or even predating those to Sumerian cuneiform) placed in exact geometry within the Qubit Sphere. If his is the first you’ve ever heard about how quantum computers work, this is going to sound insane. But trust me when I tell you a quantum computer programmer is going to universally sound much more out of his mind to you than I do (click the D Wave video link above to see exactly what I mean).

So we know through science that the “aether” has a language and therefore an alphabet. The letters within that alphabet are always geometric patterns.


The geometric shape of a pyramid that has 4 equilateral surfaces (we would typically call the facets) and attaches at the bottom in a perfect square is known as a Johnson square pyramid.

This symbol is well known throughout all of electrical and quantum science. Anytime we refer to energy in its manifest form, we use that exact shape to illustrate what it is we’re talking about, referenced to as a Delta baryon.

This represents the force of any material thing known as a fermion (which literally means “firm-ion”). In quantum language this triangular shape is the top half of an ANION ION.

Anion ions are the tiny particles that power your cellphone, computer, flashlight or any other direct-current device that runs on we currently call Lithium Ion power when referring to smartphone batteries. The square pyramid however, just so happens to also be the bottom half of the overall footprint of an ion, represented through its antiparticle which can be measured using scalar field meters that gauges invisible energy in magnitude. Even though you can’t see it, it is still there. So that same geometric shape that you can see above is attached to another below (in a mirror image) creating what is called a bipyramid. You might call this an octahedron.

Ions have an antiparticle as just mentioned, and so do all things within the manifest field, including a simple copper or other pyramid used now all over the world to enhance meditation as well as elevate health and vitality.

The antiparticle of energy is what we use to power our household devices currently, but that is only just a small part of ion energy. In quantum science we do know certain things about energy:

  • Ion energy is much more powerful than electron energy (see Firmilab 1997 Donut Experiment reporting the Tau neutrino, which is actually a photon which powers Anion ions, produced 3500x as much energy as the electron, though it is only a fraction of its size), which is why we use very small batteries to power things that need to be portable that would otherwise require enormous levels of electron energy we call “electricity” powered by electrons, and
  • Rare earth magnets hold this type of energy perpetually

We also know that when the two halves of an ion become unpaired (commonly then called an electron but is actually a Cation ion) it is seen visibly as fire or fission energy if it has burst out into flames or heated up hot enough to become luminescent. You can think sparks coming off of a grinding stone or that jumps over from one conductor to the other. But when it is paired back again with another one it now becomes a whole ion called an Anion ion. Anion ions are where energy comes from in the material world, imparted to them by neutrinos (that continuously comes from the sun) in a process known as a neutrino eventWhole Anion ions are capacitors that store energy called cold fusion, but modern science currently refers to this as direct current (DC) in order to conceal the fact that there is indeed another form of energy other than the voltage coming out of your wall socket.


With this in mind, now we take a peek at the crystal lattice structure of a magnetite crystal (a rare earth magnet). It looks like this:

Keep in mind this is an illustrative view from a microscope looking down onto the crystal lattice superstructure, so each octahedron appears as either a square or a diamond shape depending on your 2D perspective. Now realize that we are looking into the scalar field, measuring the magnitude (strength) of the force, as well as in the physical field (and to the magnetic force) in order to generate this geometric image that represents both halves of the particle/antiparticle of each diamond shape. So a single square pyramid literally represents both the shape of each side of magnetite and each side of a whole Anion ion, the two most powerful energy examples there are. The ion, that we refer to now as the scalar or invisible aether, and the other being that of the manifest world.

Now we’re going to look at the full image of a magnetite crystal that has double (or much more) energy than any other mineral. This is how they grow, physically. It hasn’t been retouched with any graphics program and is not an artistic sculpture. In the conundrum that is a natural magnet that has the power to forcibly attract metals toward it with eternal power, it is made up, physically, with two fully manifest Johnson square pyramids: This shows that what is geometrically outlined in the quantum field manifests according to that pattern in the molecular or visible field. And as you recall now, by default one half of this shape is automatically mirrored in the scalar field. This means simply put that a square pyramid is going to have more raw energy inside of it than anywhere else outside of putting these two halves together like nature does in magnetite and inside anion ions due to completing a whole or paired ion.


It is due to this we now see the energy of pyramids having gone into patents that run the gamut of technology such as harnessing the raw energy of the pyramid shape itself like that of Peter Grandics, US Patent number US8004250B2. If there weren’t excess energy inside a pyramid, I can promise you now he isn’t going to spend the $30,000+ it costs to secure a patent for that energy. And this isn’t just energy, this is the same type of energy that the human body operates on we call bioelectric, piezoelectric, static electric, dielectric and electret-magnetic energy which is actually cold fusion.

In fact there are at least 44 patents on just the shape and subsequent power generated by pyramids alone, not to mention the thousands of nanotech patents dealing with the power that is harnessed from the shape and atomic numbers associated with square pyramids.


Every solar panel made that harvests the exponential energies authored by the sun not only uses SiO2 quartz crystal (that has a crystal lattice structure that propagates piezoelectric energy) to capture and amplify that into MORE energy, but also what you will find down there at the quantum of the panel is this.

And the reason for this is the aether knows that the physical shape of a pyramid is the letter in the cellular alphabet that works as an amplifier, sort of like how we would use an X in mathematics. Hence, why it is much MORE energy is placed inside of all “pyramid” shapes and much more energy even yet is found inside two of these pyramids together mentioned above as either a bipyramid or octahedron.

So now we see test results using this shape of the square pyramid across innumerable applications where very magical things happen; from preventing fruit from spoiling to keeping razor blade edges sharp to making plants and animals grow exponentially. Of course these scientifically-conducted studies are uniformly blocked from reaching peer-review publications, but still both the data of those experiments and the patents for their astonishing results do exist.


James Brock reported on an experiment he conducted using rabbits. At the beginning of this report was a blurb on pyramid energy:
“On 4th November 1949, a radio engineer called Karel Drbal turned up at the patent office in Czechoslovakia with a patent application for a cardboard pyramid which kept razor blades sharp. He was told to get lost and not come back until he could present a theory as to why a pyramid could do that. Undeterred, Karel worked on a theory for years and was eventually awarded a patent in 1959, not because his theory was so good, but because the chief patent officer took a pyramid home and tested it, only to find that it did exactly what Karel said it did. Karel estimated that without the pyramid, a razor blade would provide five shaves but with the pyramid the blade would give fifty shaves.”
Brock figured that if it made such magic happen as he had been hearing about, maybe it would work on living things too. Here’s what James had to say about his test as passed along by another fellow pyramid researcher:
“James states that he built a pyramid-shaped hutch of timber with 4-foot long sloping edges, and he also built a rectangular hutch : each of the hutches had a transparent door.
He then borrowed eight rabbits about twenty days old, taken from two different litters, and placed them in matched groups of four in each hutch. He fed them equally and weighed them every four days. By the end of the experiment 57 days later, the rabbits which had been housed in the pyramid hutch weighed an average of 46.5 ounces compared to an average of 34.5 ounces for those in the rectangular hutch.
That is, the rabbits in the pyramid hutch were nearly 35% heavier and side by side they looked like this :
This isn’t the only example I can show you to prove with physical evidence that the square pyramid does in fact carry not only elevated levels of energy, but delivers it inside of a coherent field (pure bioelectric, balanced energy). Let’s look at what founder of iPyramids, Jason Stiles, has to say about using pyramids fitted with SiO2 quartz (in the orgonite capstone) to heal the human body. He not only offers incredibly powerful first-hand testimony that literally defies modern medical science, but offers the black and white proof to back it up with MRI documentation.