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Step into the realm of divine energy with The Christed One - a multidimensional masterpiece that resonates with the frequency of Christ Buddha consciousness. This unique, handcrafted piece culminates years of careful selection, an intricate dance of green gemstones and rare earth elements for a striking 14-chakra activation.

This isn't just jewelry; it's a transformative energy tool. It is constructed with our most durable steel wire, titanium clasp, and advanced anodized magnet Crystal Current technology.

Witness the unique harmony of selected gemstones:

  1. Ruby in Fuchsite: Balances the fiery nature of ruby while connecting the first and fourth chakras. The stone centralizes this energy tool at the heart's core, fostering a sense of unshakeable safety.
  2. Angel Aura Aventurine: An angelic protector against energy vampires. The angel aura molecularly bonded with platinum and silver aligns and activates all 14 chakras, making this gemstone a crucial part of our energy tool.
  3. Healers Gold Chrysocolla: Brings harmony and wisdom while directing positive energy. Its inclusion of Magnetite and Pyrite amplifies all crystals' energy, making it an invaluable gem for the solar plexus chakra.
  4. Moldavite: A potent tektite linked to spiritual fire and galactic ascended dragons. Its power may make you sweat, signaling an intense heart activation and profound ascension benefits for star seeds.
  5. Emerald: A gemstone promoting open-hearted love, strength, eloquence, and abundance. This beryl crystal strengthens memory and wits, activating the throat chakra with multidimensional connections.
  6. Green Tourmaline: Associated with the third eye chakra, this crystal promotes heightened awareness and a focused path to achieving your highest self.
  7. Olivine: This stress-reducing gemstone promotes self-confidence and mystical powers. Ideal for activating the crown chakra, it represents the rainbow's breadth.
  8. Ash Wood: Symbolizing solidity and immortality, ash wood was chosen to embody life's ascending branches.

Elevate your spiritual journey with The Christed One. This isn't just a purchase but an investment in self-growth, wisdom, and elevated consciousness. Embrace this multidimensional masterpiece, and let it guide you toward ascension. The Christed One awaits. Act NOW and unlock your potential.

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