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So excited about the completion of this piece! This Alchemical Gold panther with a Black Tourmaline in it’s mouth was a vision Alexander had a year ago and it makes him so grateful to see his dream become a reality! This piece was designed and intuited for increasing strength and recovery but also has some shielding effects. The Shungite and Black Tourmaline are believed to absorb and transmute harmful electromagnetic energies and many scientific studies are still being researched on these powerful crystals and gemstones carefully selected for this piece. Strong enough for a goddess, created for an Athlete. Grounds and amplifies the wearers physical vessel for increased strength, energy, and power.

Gemstones Included: 

  • Alchemical Gold Panther with Black Tourmaline

  • Pyrite

  • Shungite

  • Terahertz

  • Tigers Eye

    Elevate your spiritual journey with the Pantheon. This isn't just a purchase but an investment in self-growth, wisdom, and elevated consciousness. Embrace this multidimensional masterpiece, and let it guide you toward ascension. The Pantheon awaits. Act NOW and unlock your potential.

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